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Jewelry is one of the most personal things you can give someone as a gift, a jewelry that has a story to tell, that was given for a reason from someone and for something is always much more precious than the price of the stones and gems in the jewelry itself.The history of jewelry is in fact the story of custom made jewelry, usually when the people wanted to award someone with a prize or with a token of appreciation they found a way to make a jewelry that fitted the occasion, naturally the taxation system soon followed and the monarchs were the next to get the unique works of early jewelry makers.Today it is far more difficult to make custom made jewelry since it is much more expensive than the regular, mass produced jewelry that is out on the market, but most people discover that with a little effort you can almost always find a way to make your jewelry unique and special, without the need to resort to buying something of a shelf, that will immediately be replaced by the same piece.There are many young artists and students who learn the art of making jewelry, it is always a good thing to look for one talented person that is only at the beginning of his or her way and try to create something together, on your side you will be receiving a unique piece of jewelry and the other you will help an artist in his way. Young artists and students are also very keen on making jewelry and will put a lot of attention and heart into their work, this is something that will be very hard to find in today’s market.The jewelry industry, as many other industries, has changed because of the internet, today you can compare prices and even compare the jewelry online without doing the foot work and walking from shop to shop, fighting off the sales people as you go. The fact that the information is available on the internet can make the life of a unique jewelry seeker a little easier, once you understand what you have in mind will involve and you have a good idea of how much you want to spend, you can start looking for young freelances that offer their services on the internet.For those who have the means and can spend a little more, it is always a good idea to look at as many jewelry design shops as you can, once you find someone that does things you like and you think that this person could interpret what you have in mind in a good way, walk in and start talking, many of the designers will be happy to try new directions and you just may find that the jewelry designer will be more interested in you that you in the jewelry.Getting a unique, custom made jewelry for someone is so special that the value of the stones and material is not important, what makes the jewelry is the intention, the idea and the communication that it has to the person that will use it, this is why everyone looking for jewelry should at least consider getting custom made jewelry.